New studio computer

computerWoohoo!  Say hello to our new 8-core powermac studio computer.  I’m so excited to have a new audio computer.  Up to this point I’ve been using my trusty g4 laptop which has performed admirably through the years.  I recorded and mixed “Dust and Sand”, “Ume in the Middle”, four EPs and two movie soundtracks on my laptop and it’ll still get used for performances and for mobile recording. However as the audio productions have gotten more complicated the laptop has been really stretched to its limits.

I’m also using the addition of the new computer to rework our recording set up.  We’re pooling resources with our studio mate Charlie and Kris has started building his own preamps with DIY kits from Five Fish audio so we’ll put it all together for a much improved studio.

My all time favorite piece of studio gear is our two channel Gordon preamp.  I bought this preamp after my first paying movie soundtrack gig and have used it on every recording since then.  It’s beautifully designed, it sounds amazing and it’s hand made by the designer Grant Carpenter. The only thing better than how the Gordon pre sounds is how well you are taken care of after you buy it!  When you call the Gordon audio phone number you get to speak to the designer himself and the customer service is unbelievably good.  In this age of crappy customer service and navigating through horrible voice recognition menus it’s so refreshing to buy a high quality work of art from someone who loves what they do and will stand behind the workmanship of their product. Seriously I can’t say enough good things about Gordon audio and if you are contemplating an investmnet in a quality mic pre get this one!

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