No Feinstein, No! Stand up for net neutrality!

I was very dismayed today to read that Senator Feinstein is trying to insert legislation in Obama’s stimulus bill to undermine net neutrality.  This is really slimy, and really bad for the internet.  I’ve sent her the message below.  If you agree, please send her your thoughts as well.

Regarding Net Neutrality

I am very disappointed to see that you are attempting to augment the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program so that it “allows for reasonable network management practices such as deterring unlawful activity, including child pornography and copyright infringement.”  This is a direct attack on net neutrality and I am absolutely opposed to it.

I strongly believe that net neutrality is critical for the health and progress of the internet, and that the internet is critical for the health and progress of American culture and business.  My opinion comes from my experience as a self-employed musician, and the great benefits I have received through the ability to share my work on the internet, and benefit from the work that others share.  I use Free Software to run my own web, mail, and dns servers, so that I am on equal footing with major music producers.  The democratic, equal nature of the current internet means that I am empowered to produce and grow as far as my music will take me.  I license my music under the Free Art License which makes it legal for others to share and build upon my works.  On the back of a fair, neutral internet, we are building a collaborative community for the betterment of all.

Please, please stop your efforts to undermine net neutrality.  The real power of the internet is its potential to redefine power structure; from central authority to the edges of the net, to creators like myself.  Please don’t side with the RIAA and the MPAA who seek to bring power back to the center.  These organizations do not work in the interests of creators.

Please, please, please reverse your position and support net neutrality.  Support creators!

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