Yogyakarta part 1

yogya_graffiti1Whew…  So the day that Kris and Maz got back to Los Angeles from the East Coast I headed to LAX for a red-eye flight..  Twenty some odd hours later Viji, Craig (two of the other fellows on this program) and I landed in Yogyakarta.  I’ll be spending the next three weeks here teaching middle school children taiko and giving performance, lecture demo and workshops with the three other fellows.  This program was put together by the amazing Judy Mitoma and the Center for Intercultural Performance, the same organization who organized the APPEX program that I was lucky enough be a part of back in 2006.

world_crossover_posterThis morning we met with Jeannie Park another of the organizers of this program and headed to the theater in order to prepare for tonight’s concert “World Crossover”.  The concert was hosted by ISI Yogakarta, this area’s performing arts college, and featured a folk dance group from Hungary, a contemporary dance troupe from Malaysia’s National Arts Academy, a tango duo from Argentina, a collaboration between four well known Indonesian musicians and a short performance by each of the Center for Intercultural Performance fellows.  It was a lot of fun to be a part of.

My favorite part of the concert was the improvisational piece featuring four well known Indonesian musicians: I Wayan Sadra, Trustho, Djaduk Ferianto and Sapto Raharjo.  Using a combination of traditional instruments, found objects, and samplers, they created these beautiful landscapes and scenes that flowed effortlessly from one to the other.  Each musician was so tasteful and sensitive it was the kind of music that musicians love.

It’s really great being back in Indonesia and I’ll post more soon!


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  1. patrick graham says:

    Wow Shoji, have a fantastic trip, and post a lot. very cool that you are back there. All the best…

  2. kris says:

    Man, wish we could be there to see the show, Shoj. Have a great time!

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