We’re home!

Well, I’m a few days late to blog about it, but Maz and I survived the big drive home.  We did three workshops and four private/small group lessons along the way.  The weather was surprisingly good… Denver was 71 degrees on Wednesday!  For once on the trip, I was properly dressed in my shorts.  :)


When radio was bad and we ran out of music on Maz’s iPod, we used a fun game my sister gave me for Christmas.  This year, in leiu of purchased presents, my family picked names out of a hat and we made one gift for one other member.  My sister made me a box of popsicle sticks with fun questions on them.

Maz and I got through about half of them.  Here were some of my favorites:

Name a childhood fear…”

Maz – I’ve always been afraid of deep water… maybe because I was almost swept out to sea.  My dad ran into the water and saved me…

Kris – My sister and I both had a lingering worry that we’d make our parents go broke.  My dad would offer to buy us a drink or something, and deep down, we’d worry that was his last few bucks.

If you could erase any murder in history, which one would you undo?

Maz – Jesus

Kris – Martin Luther King Jr.

Connie, Maz, Me, and Jill

Connie, Maz, Me, and Jill

One of the highlights of this trip was reconnecting with some high-school friends from Bakersfield who now live in New York City.  I hadn’t seen Connie in 13 years!


Another bit of fun… when I was staying with Juni of Odaiko New England, she had a framed hachimaki with Hinokiya’s design hanging in her living room!  Hinokiya is a taiko group from Hakodate where I lived for two years.  They’re not very well known here, so I was amazed to see it.  Juni didn’t know Hinokiya and just liked the design, guessing that her mother had picked it up somewhere.  Hinokiya, if you’re reading this, we’re thinking of you!

2 Responses to “We’re home!”

  1. Linda & KimiAnn says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking Fruity with you. My class is going to see Fruity on the blog. Hope things are going well. Love, KimiAnn (and secretary Linda)

  2. kris says:

    Hello KimiAnn! You did such a great job making Fruity! We had a lot of fun taking her to all sorts of places. Hello to your classmates and see you soon!

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