On Ensemble and Kenny Endo

Kenny came by to rehearse for our TAIKOX2 performance at the Cerritos Center in March of next year.  We’re already looking forward to this performance!  Back in 1996 Maz and I moved to Hawai’i to study under Kenny.  It was a huge step for the both of us, I had stopped out of Stanford for a year to take taiko more seriously and Maz had just graduated high school.  The very first day we flew into Hawai’i, Kenny put us on a gig at 5am the next morning on live television and it only got crazier after that.  Kenny really showed us what it meant and what it took to be a professional and his dedication continues to be awe inspiring.  He blazed the trail for all of us who are trying to expand the musical possibilities of the artform and we’re absolutely thrilled to have him as our collaborator for our TAIKOX2 project.

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