Thanks Mu Daiko

We just finished a great weekend of performances with Mu Daiko! A huge thank you goes out to Rick, Iris and Mu Daiko for bringing us back to Minneapolis. Another set of thank yous go out to Susie and Gregg, Iris, Alex and Ben and Jeff for taking such good care of us during our stay. After the last performance we all went out to do what taiko players really do best: EAT! Nothing quite like good food and good company after a great concert! We had great fun performing with Mu Daiko and Minneapolis is quickly becoming one of On Ensemble’s favorite destinations!

Tomorrow Kelvin and I fly back to the West Coast while Kris and Maz head to Moab Utah to lead workshops for Moab Taiko Dan. One of the great things about being on the road is the opportunity to work with taiko groups all across the country. Every tour we go on we seem to find new groups to connect with. It’s great to see the growth of the North American taiko community and find new groups that we hadn’t known of before. At one of the concerts we met members of a collegiate taiko group based in St. Olaf! I thought I was relatively up to date on the collegiate taiko groups out there but you never know when or where you’ll find new taiko players! So if you are a part of a taiko group that is on the way from Los Angeles to New York get in touch with us. There is a really good chance that On Ensemble will be passing through your town sometime soon:)

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2 Responses to “Thanks Mu Daiko”

  1. Ann says:

    I saw the performance yesterday and I am still thinking about it today. My friend talked me into going and when I heard it was two hours long I was a little afraid of getting bored. Not the case. Kelvin almost sounded like death metal on his drum solo in Rain. NEVER would have expected that. The collaboration with Mu Daiko at the end was frantic, fun, and really exciting to watch. Thank you for a great performance and I hope you come back to Minneapolis again!

  2. Shoji says:

    Ann – thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the performance and we hope we’ll be back to Minneapolis again soon!

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