Saint Cloud Wrap-Up

Our residency here at Saint John’s University came to a close with a hands-on workshop in the afternoon and then our final concert this evening. We taught some basics and Renshu Taiko to our workshop participants. We had a few kids participate who saw our lecture/demonstration yesterday and they did awesome. Kris did introductions and final wrap up, I taught basics, and Kelvin taught Renshu. Great job everyone!

The concert went well. Thank you to all who came out and supported us! Special thanks to Leslie, Mary, Brooke, Brian, Kevin, Adam, and Deb for bringing us out and making this happen! It was a fun experience and we felt very well taken care of.

Tomorrow, we head to Minneapolis to drop off our van at Mu Daiko‘s studio, then we drive our rental car to Winnipeg, Canada to hold workshops with Hinode Taiko and a lecture/demonstrations for schools.

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3 Responses to “Saint Cloud Wrap-Up”

  1. patrick graham says:

    hey Maz & guys
    have a great trip to Sunny Winterpeg!

  2. maz says:

    Thanks Patrick! It’s freezing up here. I don’t know why you put yourself through this kind of pain every winter. I guess that’s why you like scotch…

    BTW, Kris is still in shorts! Not me though… bundled up!

  3. patrick graham says:

    ahh, yes it’s true. a good single-malt (Laphroaig…!) will pretty much put a smile on my face regardless of the weather.
    enjoy the pain! It’s Canada…probably, our socialist tendencies dull the frostbite somewhat.
    stay warm, bro

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