Minnesota Tour Wrap Up

Kris and I returned safely on Wednesday evening just in time to have Thanksgiving.  Kris went to be with his parents and I stayed in LA to eat with Courtney and her family.

We had one more stop after Minneapolis, but first we drove like 15 hours to Denver and stayed with Aiko from Denver Taiko.  Thank you!!!

The next day, we drove to Moab, Utah to teach a workshop.  I was just there at the end of October with TAIKOPROJECT.  We went to Arches National Park, but when I went, we were having so much fun, we actually ran out of time and didn’t get to see any arches.  Boo… BUT, this time I convinced Kris to go back and the first thing we did was go to see the North and South Windows and climbed to the top of the Turret Arch.  It was dangerous and scary, but worth it!  This picture is of Kris on top of the Turret Arch.  It’s small, but can you see him?

Thanks to Moab Taiko Dan for setting up these workshops.  Special thanks to Joan and Scott for hosting us at your awesome house!!!

We get some time off in December to rest up for our cross country drive to the East Coast!!!

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3 Responses to “Minnesota Tour Wrap Up”

  1. Hey Masato!!
    How are you and how are your parents? And how is the beautiful music?
    You miss Japan yet?
    You can always stay at our place _ if you can put up with us.
    Isaku is working with a percussionist from Ghana recently and so mom got in the act, too.
    Here is some of our latest on YT (and I “befriended” your colleague as well).

    Love to Russel and Jeanne and maybe we will someday make it to Mount Shasta.
    Tell them to visit Tokyo again.

  2. maz says:

    Hi Yuri! Wow… that’s some pretty deep stuff. One day you should write some lyrics for an On Ensemble song. Of course I miss Japan. I’ve been back a couple of times since I left because my girlfriend was on the JET program in Hamamatsu. I’m not sure when I’ll be passing through Tokyo next, but I’ll look you up when I do. I’ll say hello to my parents. Hello to Gordy and Isaku. Happy Holidays!!!

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