New FoundatiOn Team record!

We just set a new FoundatiOn Team record of $8431! A huge thank you goes out to our newest FoundatiOn Team members for putting us over the top: Cathy Ginn, Bryan Yamami, Ken Noriega, Nicki Bergstrom & Dan Noel, Edward Marks, Kate Meigneux, Berit Eisenmann, Sonya Elder, Helen Inouye, Jeff Ellsworth, Gary Takagi, Annette Mackay, Sharon Sato, Yuki & Yukio Imada, Jason Takagi and Vera Leo. We’ve set a new record and still have two weeks to go before Yobu!

We’ve been blown away by the FoundatiOn Team support this year! Thank you to everyone who have made a donated this year. This year’s concert is a special event for us with Kris’ receiving his natori and bringing his sensei from Japan and your donation will go a long way in making it all possible!

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