Kris the Skater vs Gardena Bus Lines… it’s a draw

I love the Gardena Bus system, and public transportation in general.  But Gardena buses have a surprisingly ridiculous rule: No skateboards or boogie boards.  I got denied access the first time I tried to ride and wasn’t aware of the rule.  I was stuck downtown… thanks Mr I’m-just-following-the-rules-busdriver!  I hid the skateboard on my back and came home to make this bag (from what was likely to be the last pair of long pants I ever own).

Fetching, no?

Fetching, no?

Unfortunately, a bus driver yesterday tried to kick me off for having a skateboard, even in the bag.  I charmed him into letting me stay (“Just this time!”) and asked him about the rule.  He said that many years ago, a skateboard got away from someone, hit a woman in the ankle, and that she sued.  When I asked why no boogie boards, he replied, “Yeah, none of that stuff.”  Um…

Anyway, I visited the Gardena Transportation folks today and am pleased to say they have okayed the bag.  Diane at the office was very understanding and helpful.  She said that if a driver asks what’s in the bag, just say it’s a skateboard, and to have the driver contact the office if they continue to protest.

So it’s still a really silly rule, but I’m glad the office is generally on my side.  Perhaps I should write “SKATEBOARD” on the side of my bag and make sure all the drivers know the real rule.  Anyway, job done for now.  Unless you’re a bagless Gardena skater who needs my help fighting for true justice…   :)

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4 Responses to “Kris the Skater vs Gardena Bus Lines… it’s a draw”

  1. Shoji says:

    I think the problem is that the skateboard needs to be re-branded… How about a “Personal Powered Green Transport System” surely Gardena mass transit can’t have a problem with that…

  2. kris says:

    I like it! How about the “Personal Powered Green Transport System, with G-BO (Gardena Bus Office) certification!”

  3. patrick graham says:

    you know, dude, it’s clearly time to grow-up and by a Car.
    i mean, hell: the world economy is in the Toilet, and frankly who can we count if not the Oil Industry + the Car Industry?
    haven’t they been the CornerStones of modern Societee here in North America?
    Damn right! you gotta Do Your Part. Stand up for the Free Market! It needs you!
    what are you waiting for??
    Buses are so….well: socialist, to be honest! nobody likes a socialist- it is Clear.
    nobody. Ok, ‘cept Canada, and some weirdo Scando Navian countries (weird, yes)

    and please put on some pants, for the Love Of Pete. you will catch a cold and your Willy will fall Off!

  4. kris says:

    I don’t have to listen to anything you say because Obama is our president.

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