Thoughts on Practice

A few friends have asked that I make my Thoughts on Practice essay available at our website.  Here it is!

(Updated 2012/05/25)

I have come to feel that practice presents profound lifestyle challenges.  My success or failure at maintaining effective, daily practice is like a measure of my health. When everything in my life is working well, I’m a good practicer. The essay above lists some of the tricks that have helped me thus far.

If you have any feedback or thoughts (technical or philosophical) of your own, please share them below!


3 Responses to “Thoughts on Practice”

  1. Margaret says:

    Thanks Kris! Speaking as an amateur, I can only say “In ONE!” Maybe kumidaiko players are at greater risk than other musicians of confusing effort with improvement…so we spend more time rehearsing our mistakes than necessary. Have you read Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain On Music? Very interesting and energizing.

  2. Matt Palmer says:

    Hi Kris,

    I think this is maybe the most influental thing in my taiko playing right now. I actually find myself re-reading this essay maybe once a week. It’s really inspiring for me, and helping me to achieve some goals (even non-taiko related) at the moment. Thanks so much for writing it and sharing it.

  3. Jacob says:

    Hi, Kris. I followed your link from TaikoForum and I’m glad I did. The essay re: 10,000 hours was very inspirational, as was this one. I’ll be passing the link to your essay to my team-mates in hope that they’ll read it, too!

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