Last Show

Not for us, but it was for ASL (Alternate Sound of Life) tonight.  Ian Mora (lead singer) and I used to play in a rock band in high school and, along with Shoji, we grew up playing taiko in Shasta Taiko.  Since Shoji and I went off to do the taiko/music path, Ian went on to do his own thing and continued playing alt/rock down in the Los Angeles/Orange County area along with another great friend of ours from Mt. Shasta, Akilino Jacky (drummer).  They created some great music, but decided to hang it up.  We’ll miss you ASL!!!  Best of luck to you all in your next path in life…

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  1. Misa Joo says:

    I add my message and wish Ian well, and always may there be the music. One thing I always looked forward were the Mt. Shasta concerts watching all of you grow up to be the drummers you are. I don’t use the title “drummers” lightly. Shoji and Maz’, your visit inspired me to start a blog, (TBAsian) at
    I’m saying this because I posted a poem called “Drum” (the verb) and today it seems the time to tell you to check it out and thank you!!!

  2. maz says:

    Hi Misa! Thank you so much for hosting us on our trip. That was so much fun! Hey, I tried going to, but directed me somewhere else… some Japanese page?

  3. Ib Diggers says:

    Too bad about ASL, hopefully life goes on for those gaffers.

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