Keep the great feedback coming! Especially links!

Thank you everyone who has provided feedback about our new site. We’ve received lots of positive support and some great suggestions! As we switch the new design over to our standard address,, we will likely have broken links here and there. Please help us track them down if you’ve got a moment!


Very catchy design!

Great background!

I like the simple layout, with only 5 menus at top…

About page: Maybe some kind of secondary navigation for all of your h3 headings would be useful. That way, I can tell right away that this page also contains performance, outreach, workshop, etc. info, and can access that info directly without scrolling. -RESPECTFULLY PASS

About page: Use of “Click _here_” for link text is generally not recommended. See: for more info. -FIXED

About page: Workshops and Classes: Improvisation 101 ends with ″ instead of ” or ” -GRRR I don’t know how to fix this! The ″shows up after numbers and the ” after letter automatically. If anyone understands how to force ” after a number please let me know. This is small but annoying now that you’ve pointed it out!

About page: Members: On my iBook with Safari, Shoji’s picture just clips the bottom edge of Kris’s picture, forcing him to the left. You could stick a “clear: right” on Shoji’s <p>. You could also just make Kris’s bio longer, but that’s kind of cheating. :-) If it looks ok on your machine, you may want to try shrinking the text size, and you should see what I mean. -FIXED I think…

Footer: The orange link text on the brushed metal background was a little tough to read. -CONSIDERING

I’d suggest a widget near the top with upcoming gigs so I don’t have to dig for them. -RESPECTFULLY PASS The “featured post” section of the main index page (now occupied by “New On Ensemble website” post) will often have our next gig information. Otherwise it’s just one click away to the “calendar” section.

1) Under Maz’s blog, the word “event” was typed as “even”. -FIXED
2) Under “What’s Coming up for OnEnsemble, Ume in the Middle is typed as “Ume in the mlddle” -FIXED
3) Under “Welcome to OnEnsemble.org2.0”, “please lets (?) us know…….” -FIXED

Typo in Kelvin’s blog “hears” should be “years” -FIXED

Typo in New Website! post : “” -FIXED

For some flavour [British spelling], a static background image, with a DIV-controlled scroll so that the image itself stays at the same place, and the text performs a ‘lower 2/3rds scroll’ under it. -RESPECTFULLY PASS Great idea but a bit difficult to implement with current design.

Calendar: Very simple layout for events. Very good idea. You may also, just to make it more “summary” – themed, by including an actual grid calendar [maybe at the top, in the right column, as the page seems to be subdivided into 2 columns] with NAME ANCHORS (a name=”whatever”) from the calendar to the entry itself. It’s easier to scan the dates (as-in: “can I find any performances or events near my time off on Saturdays?” and let the person visually scan down the Saturday’s column, click on one and see the events in question in the list). I wish more websites did something like that; makes life easier to find ‘attendable’ events (is that a word?). -CONSIDERING Another great idea. We’re using a very simple list calendar plugin that doesn’t support this kind of functionality. We first implemented a different more complex calendar plugin but have decided to go with simple and easy to manage rather than more fully functioned.

MUSIC (discography): I was thinking: the links would be a little ‘neater’ if they were TABLE’d. Since the “|” can look like a “1” it could look like Neiro: Gengakki was “7:59 17.2 megabytes” …. If you TABLEd it, making all the entries into columns (song name, length, size), it’s look
cleaner. -CONSIDERING I tried a table layout at first didn’t like it and UL are easier to manage using CSS. Maybe I should replace | with another character or not include minutes?

All pages: the black text at the bottom (comments section) on grey / gray is a little hard to read for visually-impared or visually-challenged viewers; they blend into each other too much. You have to highlight the text to see it cleanly. also, the orange clashes too much against the dark grey sections to each side [since the middle is a lighter scale]. Maybe a medium- or bright-yellow would be better? -CONSIDERING

My only one qualm with the design is the silver, metallic looking bars that frame the white text-area; to me it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the layout. -CONSIDERING

The new additions to the media section are great too, but am wondering if they’ll also be available in Kris’ more preferred (and now mine too) audio format, .ogg. I know you guys are probably busy getting all the important things up and running, but I would love to get these audio clips in the .ogg format someday! -EVENTUALLY Yes. Ogg is better but not well enough supported to be our baseline format. Mp3s suck but everyone can use them without hacking their ipod. Sigh. We will eventually support the .ogg format.

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2 Responses to “Keep the great feedback coming! Especially links!”

  1. shoji says:

    Enough people have commented on the brushed metal header and footer that I’m considering changing the design. Not quite sure yet…

  2. shoji says:

    Okay, removed the brushed metal header and footer from the design.

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